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Dear Viewers,

Request you to spend some time on my appeal for Rural Tourism…

Where do we urbans spend on leisure? Malls, multiplexes, parks, resorts/hotels… we celebrate for the joy we deserve. Well that’s the purpose behind spending – to earn happiness. Ever thought of model where your spending on leisure helps the needy yet deserved ones to improve their livelihood. Yes, a model where there is Joy of Giving and Joy of Happiness.

We Urbans dwell in this materialistic world of achieving our own objectives of life governed by the lesson of “Maximization” and we are lost in solving many puzzles – How much more I can get out of this? How fast can I get this? Am I taking the right decisions? What the world around thinks of me? How do I secure myself???? And many more puzzles challenging your mind. God! Life is so stressful… The solution to this lies into the Roots of our very own value system which is well preserved in Rural India. Are we so far from it? Come to Rural India, the origin to many of our Grand Parents. Many of us would have wished to live the life of our Grand Parents influenced by those stories of farming in the field, dip in the river, plucking the fruits, the clean environment they lived in, the folk dance and music, collecting wood from forest, the village style wedding, making the dung cakes, their hardships and yet a satisfied life in whatever little they had…….. story of their making. We keep thinking how wonderful their life would have been? They never had malls, multiplexes, resorts/hotels, etc but they derived happiness from resources of Mother Nature.

For Rural Pleasure, Rural Tourism is about connecting with Mother Nature – Back to Roots through village lifestyle. In the process you help the deserved rural in improving their livelihood.

This is The Destination for Travelers interested in experiencing a different holiday, Rural Research, Education, Adventure and Fun.

I sincerely appeal everyone to enjoy the village lifestyle at Rural Pleasure and support the Rural Community in improving their livelihood.

Take some time in going through the website although it fails to capture complete Village lifestyle since there is lot to be explored and cannot be explained in word and photographs. Come and feel it…

Come Back to Roots,

Chirag Munjani

Founder – Rural Pleasure

Our Packages
  Forest Trail of Dangs
  Rs 2599 per person including taxes.
  Tribal Trail of Dangs
  Rs 2599 per person including taxes
  Organic Farming - The Tribal way
  Rs 2599 per person including taxes
  Rural Sports
  Rs 2999 per person including taxes.
  Site Seeing in Dangs
  Rs 2599 per person including taxes.